Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!
Mom officially became Emily Miles and dad gave her a trip to a spa. Then we went to the gym! That's not very romantic, but it is healthy.
Last weekend mom & dad took me out to Muir Woods. There are trees there as big as our house and so tall that you can't see the tops of them. The tour guide said some of the trees are more than 400 years old. I think that's even older than Grandpa!
I had a really good time, especially because I was carried in my new backpack the whole time. Not being able to walk has it's advantages.
This weekend I'm up in Sacramento visiting Jack & Fred and Great-Grandma Shirley.
Jack & Fred finished rebuilding their milk-house and made it into a big game room. Dad's going to kick everyone's butts in billiards!
I'll let you know more about it in my next entry.
Phoebe, Emily & Chris

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I would like you to be my Valentine.
Golly geez, these holiday things are fun. I get to go places and see people all the time. I don't know why there's not more of them.
Last weekend, mommy & daddy took me hiking. I'll show you pictures soon enough.
This weekend, we're all going up to Jack & Fred's for a crab feast and to play on their new pool table. I think I'll stick to milk for now, even though I've been eating one serving of rice cereal a day. I'm pretty good at eating solid stuff. Just don't let me get your finger in my mouth; both of my teeth are sharp.
I hope everyone finds a Valentine for tomorrow. (I know dad already bought mom something really-really expensive, but she doesn't know what it is yet)
Phoebe, Emily, & Chris

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Dale!!!

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Dale.
He's had a couple more birthdays than I have, but I'll catch up to him soon enough. (I'm now over six months old)
I'm looking forward to going back out to Oklahoma in March to visit Grandma & Grandpa again. This time I'll be able to chase after that cat who was so interested in me.
I've been putting some serious thought into this crawling stuff, but I figure for now it's better getting carried by everyone.
Not much else is new here; mom & dad got me a backpack so they can take me hiking, but it's been raining so much lately that we haven't bee able to use it. It will make for some good pictures once we put it to use.
Love, hugs, & kisses,
Phoebe, Emily, & Chris