Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tulsa Take-Two

Hello Phoebe Fans!
Sorry my updates have been so few and far between, this "growing up" stuff takes up so much time!
Anyway, I would like to tell you about another adventure I took on an airplane. Yes, that's a total of three round trips on an airplane! I'm an old pro now.
I went out to Tulsa to visit Grandma Robin and Grandpa Dale and had a wonderful time. I also saw a kitty cat that I couldn't crawl after; boy I can't wait to go back there, because now that I'm crawling I could catch that kitten easy! We saw a bunch of puppy-dogs in the dog park too, but cats are more fun to chase after.
Tulsa was a great trip for me and Mommy. We slept in every day and I got a bunch of toys. You ought to see me play the piano Grandma Robin bought for me. I got a bunch of books that Daddy's reading to me like Dr. Seuss and Curious George.
I'll be sure to post more updates in the future; I should hire a personal assistant!
Love you all!
Phoebe, Emily, & Chris