Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello Phoebe and Natalie fans across the world! Last month Natalie and I celebrated what may be the best holiday ever - Halloween. We dressed up in fun costumes and people gave us candy. Whoever thought this holiday up must have been a real smart person (or someone who just really liked candy).
We attended several parties, and even hosted one at our house. We had my dear friend Daphne over along with her little brother. We went trick or treating for the first together. Some houses were scary, so we stayed away, but most were nice and gave us buckets of candy. Some houses gave us updates on the Giants vs. Rangers game that was going on (Let's go Giants!!).
I'm already planning out my costume for next year. I'm currently thinking about dressing up as a princess or a witch. Whichever I choose, Natalie will be my sidekick.
Check back soon - I have some pictures to share from when Grandma Joyce and Aunt Tonya came to visit.


Phoebe, Natalie, Emily, & Chris