Monday, September 22, 2014

Boba Fett

I've had quite a few discussions about all of the fantastic Star Wars characters. Of course this almost always leads to the question, "who is the coolest character in Star Wars?" My unvarying answer: Boba Fett (followed closely by Bib Fortuna, but more on that later). Think about it: in Empire Strikes Back all of the bad guys are after Luke and Han. Luke and Han have defeated the first Death Star, out-fought legions of Storm Troopers, outrun Star Destroyers, and fought off Sith Lords. Who captures them in Empire Strikes Back? A single bounty hunter. He also takes out IG88, but that's not in the movie. And what does Boba Fett do with his reward money? He parties it up in Jabba's Palace! What does all of this mean for me? It means the first Star Wars Lego item I put together was Boba Fett's ship, Slave One. Thanks to anyone who visits! Love, the Mighty Miles Four

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